Carpooling can be beneficial for many reasons:

    * Reduces your gasoline costs.
    * Reduces the cost of depreciation of your personal vehicle
    * Encourages new friendships
    * Reduces stress
    * Reduces congestion within existing parking areas
    * Reduces traffic congestion
    * Improves air quality
    * Conserves energy for Dancing among other things

The following Dancers are interested in finding others in their area who would like to Carpool to The Promenade on the Weekends to try to conserve time, money and energy.  Please contact them directly to get your Carpool started and contact me if you would like to add your name as a Carpool Contact.

If you are interested in Carpooling for our Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance from:

Potomac, Md. - Meet at Cabin John Mall or Montgomery Mall in Bethesda
Contact Marilyn at (240) 428-1678  or  e-mail her at

For Evening Social Dances from:

Hagerstown - Call Annette - 240-310-9580

Reston and ALL VA. Dancers - Call Vicky - 703-716-1070
          Meet on the Beltway between Tyson and Bethesda.

Rockville, MD - Call Susanna - 301-255-0422

York, Pa. - Call Sue Ullman - 717-578-5556.
         Meet on Route 83S

Once you've found some Carpool Partners, for a smooth commute, try your best to follow these guidelines:

    * Decide who will drive and when.
             Alternate drivers so everyone gets a chance to relax.
    * Make sure everyone has a list with each Carpooler's phone number
             or e-mail address in case of illness or emergency.
    * Choose a convenient meeting place, like a Park & Ride lot,
             rather than to pick each person up at their home.
    * Set a few rules, like:
          - How long you'll wait for late riders?
          - Smoking or non?
          - Food and drink okay in the car?
          - Music, news or nothing on the radio?
    * Decide on costs beforehand. Maybe everyone will chip in a few dollars for gas
             or maybe the riders will pay the drivers admission to the dance that evening.
    * If you are the driver, make sure your vehicle is running well,  has gas,
             is insured and is clean.
    * No excuses for wreckless or inconsiderate driving.

Please Arrive Safely - Thank You