Oleksiy and Victoria started dancing together in January 2013. Oleksiy is originally from Ukraine and Victoria is from Kyrgyzstan. As junior and youth competitors they were both National 10-dance champions in their home countries. Oleksiy had a brief and successful career as a navigation officer with a worldwide merchant fleet before he moved to New York and decided to pursue his career as a professional ballroom dancer. Victoria moved to Charlotte with her family, where she continued her dancing career as a professional ballroom dancer and instructor. When they met each other, they quickly realized that this was a match made in heaven! Despite their relatively new partnership they achieved good results in the USA and they are sponsored by DORÉ Designs and Freed of London.


Here are some of their results:


"Kings Ball" Open Pro Finalists

"Ohio Dancesport" Rising Star Finalists

US National Rising Star Finalists

US Open to the World Rising Star Finalists "Embassy Ball Dancesport" Rising Star Finalists "Virginia State" Rising Star Champions "Manhattan Dance Championship" Rising Star Finalists "Yankee Classic" Rising Star Medalists "American Star Ball" Rising Star Runners-up "Atlanta Open" Rising Star Runners-up "Atlanta Open" Open Pro Medalists "Washington Open Dancesport" Open Pro Champions "Washington Open Dancesport" Rising Star Champions "Heritage Classic" Rising Star Medalists "Maryland Dancesport Championships" Open Pro Medalists "Maryland Dancesport Championships" Rising Star Champions "Nashville Stars" Open Pro Medalists "Yuletide Ball Championships" Open Pro Runners-up "Yuletide Ball Championships" Rising Star Champions "Holiday Dance Classic" Rising Star Medalists "Chicago Harvest Moon Championship" Open Pro Runners-up "Capital Dancesport Championships" Rising Star Medalists



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