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Dance Attire

Ballroom Dance Shoes

For Social Dances


Shoes.....Again, proper shoes are the most important element of your dance attire.


Clothing.....For our Social Ballroom Dances we ask that you NOT wear any jeans or T-shirts.  Dressy pants or a skirt, for the Ladies, and a button down shirt and slacks are appropriate for Gentlemen.

For Dance Lessons


Shoes ...... Your shoes are your most important article of clothing.  Beginner dancers should be sure NOT to wear an athletic shoe, tennis shoe or any shoe with a soft rubber sole, which will hinder your ability to move smoothly on the hardwood floor.  Shoes with a hard polyurethane or leather sole are preferred.  However, once you have committed to this activity and are dancing fairly often, you will probably want to treat yourself to a good pair of suede bottom, dance shoes, which will help you to make easier pivots, turns and glides. 


   Good dance shoes make dancing even more of a pleasure, giving you the right amount of “slip vs. grip”.  European Shoes will set Ladies back about $125 -150, Gentlemen will pay a bit more.  You’ll pay less for American made, but this is truly an instance where "you get what you pay for", as the quality of most European shoes far exceeds most American made.


Clothing ... Loose fitting, casual clothes are the best.  Jeans or t-shirts are acceptable for any of our weekday group lessons. Most important, be comfortable.



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