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We Offer Several Dance Instruction Options

The Promenade offers a variety of options for your Dance Lessons.

  • Ballroom Bootcamp- For Beginners only, every Friday Night, before the Social Dance, rotating the five most popular dance styles.  Check our Beginner Boot Camp page for the Dances being taught each week.

  • Group Lessons - scheduled throughout the week.  Some classes run in two month sessions and it is necessary to join in the first two weeks of the session.  Some are Drop-in and you can start any week of the month. Check our Calendar for the Dance Styles being taught this month.

  • Pre-dance Lessons - This is a one hour, Intermediate Lesson, held before every Social Dance.  We rotate most of the Ballroom Dances monthly, throughout the year.  Check our Calendar for the Dance being taught each night.


  • Private Lessons - one on one, with an Instructor of your choice and arranged to accommodate your schedule.  Check our Instructors Pages for one that fits your personal goals or feel free to contact us for a recommendation. 

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