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Rules of the Road for Social Dancing

Movement on a Dance Floor, known as Line of Dance, is done in a counter clockwise direction. This applies to all travelling dances (eg: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, etc.) If for some reason you must back up, be sure to look behind you first. Always remember, Leaders are responsible for protecting their partners.  In order for a social dance to be enjoyable for all participants, it is crucial to be considerate and aware in your floor craft.

Line of Dance Ballroom Dancing Baltimore

Slower Dancers should move towards the inside of the dance floor, allowing faster dancers to pass them on the outside. Don't tailgate another couple, but don't dawdle either (and definitely don't stop!) If the floor is crowded and there is a large space between you and the couple in front of you, either move to the inside or speed up to close the gap.



Stationary Dances, such as most Latin and Swing dances, have no particular line of dance. Sometimes it is possible to dance more than one type of dance to the same song. In that case, swing dancers should take the middle of the floor and travelling dancers should move along the outside of the floor in the direction of the line of dance (slower dancers to the inside and faster ones to the outside).



Floor Craft and Dance Space Awareness

Pay attention to the people around you and how much space you have. It's incredibly rude to run into other people because you were careless and it doesn't improve your partner's disposition if you throw/spin her into someone else. It's okay to abort your move if you see danger in the adjacent space.

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