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What else do I need to know?

There is more to Dancing than just learning the Steps.


Check out these pages for tips on Dance Etiquette, Line of Dance,

Descriptions of the different Dance Styles, Dance Tempo, Proper Dance Attire and more.


 Portions of what you will read on these pages have been collected from a wide range of internet and published sources, throughout the Promenade's 16 years in business. Unfortunately, many of the original authors are unknown to me. However, lacking the experience of being neither a Competitor nor an Instructor, and with a sincere desire to pass on proper information to you,

I humbly bow to their expertise, not to steal their ideas nor profit from them, but rather, to share their acquired knowledge of Dance, for the benefit of all of us who share the dancefloor. 



Any objections from the original authors will result in

prompt removal from this site.



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