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Catherine Noblitt, FISTD

   Catherine has been dancing and performing for over 25 years.  She teaches all levels of ballroom dancing, from beginning to advanced, social dancing as well as competitive dancing.  She teaches both the American and International Styles of dancing.  Catherine has trained extensively with a variety of world class coaches, is certified with the prestigious US Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, and has years of experience dancing & competing Pro/Am with her students.  She has also competed professionally in American Ballroom and Rhythm, as well as the International Style of Ballroom.  


   Catherine has specialized in body movement and awareness.  She has extensive training in a variety of related fields such as ballet, jazz, and yoga, and also has experience as a Personal Trainer and Physical Therapy Technician. Catherine utilizes the knowledge gained from her experience and training to enhance her teaching of ballroom so her students can learn how to do what they need to do with their bodies to improve their dancing.  In addition, Catherine has several years of experience with acting and/or dancing on film, television, and stage.  


Phone: 410-908-1084

E Mail:

Catherine offers your first 4 Private lessons for $295

Catherine Noblitt Ballroom Dancing Baltimore
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