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The Promenade Project

A Giving Campaign to Help Remodel & Revive the Promenade


To Which Project Should These Funds be Applied?

Thank you so much for your contribution!

As The Promenade prepares for a long-overdue makeover, we need everybody to help us raise money for this necessary, but costly, endeavor.

Sponsorship Levels:

Open Gold:     $10,000

Gold:                  $5,000

Silver:                 $2,500

Bronze:              $1,000

Pre-Bronze: Anything up to $1000

Fundraising Goals:

Small Studio Expansion:     $30,000

Small Studio Dance Floor:  $15,000

Main Studio Renovation:    $75,000

Main Dance Floor Renewal:  $5,000

Sound System & Acoustics:  $1,000

Note that the extent of the renovations will be determined by the amount of money raised.

The Promenade Dance Studio, Inc. is a Maryland not-for-profit corporation with a charitable purpose of using dance and dance education to foster community and to support physical and mental health and wellness. We have applied for IRS 501(c)(3), tax-exempt status, but have not yet received a decision. The tax deductibility of a donation to an organization with tax exempt “application pending” status depends on the IRS’s ultimate decision on the application. If you have questions about the deductibility of your donation, we encourage you to consult your tax professional.

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